So let me tell you about my stories. Yes—they are dark, they deal with many of the topics people don't like to talk about. I still think it's important to tell these tales. They might take you down some very dark holes, but be rest assured, they will rise again. And there's always a little romance to keep things afloat.

Let me take you on a journey of challenge, deceit, and suspense. There will be plot twists and, at times, you won't know who to trust. Be prepared for the ups and downs, for successes and failures, for friendships and betrayal, because that's what life is all about. It's the key element of reality fiction. So, if you are ready:

Welcome to my world!


I've been telling stories my whole life. Some got put on paper, others were just scenes that sprang to life in my imagination. After I grew up, I got distracted with college and work like so many of us, later adding a family to my busy life. It wasn't until I discovered Wattpad that I started to write wholeheartedly again. Now, many years later, I have completed a dozen books and several novellas , getting ready to publish my second book. How cool is that?

Accountant by day, writer by night, I'm a mother of two great kids, a can-opener for our pug Einstein, a domestic violence advocate, and a business entrepreneur. I write because I love to share my stories with my readers. Traveling is maybe my biggest inspiration and I'm a huge American Football fan (Go Seahawks!!!).

All my stories are inspired by my life, however, my debut novel Living With The Choices We Make is still closest to my heart since it portrays some of my own struggles with domestic violence.

Thanks for checking out my author's page and I hope you enjoy your stay. Hop on over to the Books page to check out some of my works.