Sally Mason

On the internet, you never know who’s on the other side of the screen.

Trying to escape from her conservative parents and her boring life in backwater Indiana, eighteen-year-old Stacy Degray sets off to visit Felipe, a charming guy she met on the internet.

All too soon, her dream vacation turns into a nightmare when she becomes trapped in poverty-riddled Malaguay, a small South American nation known best for its child soldiers and thriving drug trade; a place where war rules and a life is worth nothing.

A pawn in a ruthless game of political power play, terrorism, and deceit, Stacy’s life becomes a struggle for survival. Her only remaining move is to learn the rules and start playing.

The stakes are her life, the players are callous, and the odds are stacked against her.

It was supposed to be the vacation of a lifetime, her one act of rebellion to escape from her conservative parents and her boring life in her small hometown in Indiana. An adventure, so to speak.

Instead, eighteen year old Stacy Degray got caught in a nightmare. She finds herself entangled in a web of political power play, terrorism and deceit - trapped in a small nation known for their child soldiers and thriving drug trade.

To save herself, she has to learn the rules of survival in an unforgiving game where a single mistake could get her killed... ​

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